Adam Henson | Campden 26,400

Opulent Wensleydale and rare breed and indigenous wools are ..

Adam Henson | Fairford 29,400

Rare breed Cotswold wool known as The Golden Fleece provides..

Adam Henson | Snowshill 31,400

Lustrous wool from Golden Fleece; Cotswold, Rare Breed and I..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Ambassador 32,500

A superior sleeping environment, the Ambassador mattress is ..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Apsley 11,000

Expertly engineered, the Apsley Pillowtop model features 11,..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Connaught 36,000

A superior sleeping environment, the Connaught is made up of..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Countess 16,000

An exceptional mattress with Egyptian cotton and mohair. A p..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Diplomat 11,000

An advanced sleep system featuring our pioneering Sensa Inte..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Duchess 19,000

Featuring sumptuous cashmere, the Duchess is handcrafted com..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Excelsior 40,000

The Excelsior is the ultimate in pure luxury. Its incredible..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Imperial 34,000

Handcrafted with sumptuous layers of natural fillings includ..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Jewel 13,000

Created with Herdwick Eco Wool and mohair, the Jewel is luxu..

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