Harrison Spinks | Somnus Jewel 13,000

Created with Herdwick Eco Wool and mohair, the Jewel is luxu..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Legend 32,000

Filled with all-natural upholstery including tree silk-cotto..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Marquis 21,000

The Marquis offers advanced comfort featuring locally source..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Regent 8,000

A classic sleep system, the Regent includes our home-grown f..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Sovereign 16,000

The Sovereign mattress offers advanced comfort featuring loc..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Viceroy 6,000

The Viceroy is a classic model containing our pioneering Sen..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Viscount 24,000

This unique model includes hand-teased horsehair for supreme..

Harrison Spinks | Somnus Woburn 14,500

Woburn is our signature Pillowtop bed featuring an extravaga..

Hestia | Albus Bedstead

The Albus Upholstered Bedframe An exquisitely stylish contem..

Hestia | Alexander Bedstead

The Alexander bedframe is a luxurious frame built to be avai..

Hestia | Anniversary Mattress 5000

Anniversary Mattress 5000 – Bamboo, Mohair, Cashmere, Wool &..

Hestia | Arabella Bedstead

The Arabella is a stunning new addition to the Hestia® Uphol..

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