Adam Henson | Burford 23,800

Rare breed and indigenous wools including the Romney are com..

Adam Henson | Campden 26,400

Opulent Wensleydale and rare breed and indigenous wools are ..

Adam Henson | Fairford 29,400

Rare breed Cotswold wool known as The Golden Fleece provides..

Adam Henson | Snowshill 31,400

Lustrous wool from Golden Fleece; Cotswold, Rare Breed and I..

Somnus Alnwick 12,000

Crafted from sumptuous, natural materials including latex an..

Somnus Ambassador 32,500

A superior sleeping environment, the Ambassador mattress is ..

Somnus Apsley 14,500

Expertly engineered, the Apsley mattress features 12,000 Sen..

Somnus Connaught 35,500

The Connaught mattress is the ultimate in pure luxury. Its i..

Somnus Countess 12,000

An exceptional mattress with British Eco Wool and sumptuous ..

Somnus Diplomat 8,000

An advanced sleep system featuring 7,000 Sensa Intelligent p..

Somnus Hardwick 10,000

Meticulously handmade for support and durability, the Hardwi..

Somnus Imperial 28,500

Handcrafted with sumptuous layers of natural fillings includ..

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